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The Sto. Tomas Water District was established thru the initiative of former Sec. Antonio "Bebot" A. Villar, Jr. and former Mayor Vivien O. Villar, with the help and cooperation of the Sangguniang Bayan of Sto. Tomas headed by then Vice Mayor Timoteo "Dick" S. Villar III. The vision and objective of Secretary Antonio "Bebot" A. Villar and ex-Mayor Vivien Villar is to establish a Water System to serve the populace with potable and safe drinking water to prevent a possible outbreak of Water Bonne Disease. The Water District is managed by Bonifacio S. Alvarado. It has an elevated tank with the capacity of 100 cu. m of potable water treated daily with chlorine. It is categorized as "D" and issued by Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA) a Conditional Certificate of Conformance (CCC) no. 636 on March 6, 2009. It is the only and first newly created Water District in the Philippines to serve the whole Municipality.



The Sto. Tomas Water District is envision to be a progressive and economically viable utility firm that provides adequate, safe, potable and affordable water and an effective sewerage system.



To undertake continuing exploration and development activities aimed at the preservation and sustainability of water resources and to adhere to sound practices in preserving natural environment.



To serve with utmost integrity to all concessionaires and the entire community, respond and act immediately with courtesy to all concessionaires’ needs, request and complaints. Implement equal treatment and first come first serve basis to concessioners and employees. Give importance and priority to Senior Citizen and Persons with Disability (PWDs).



  1. Safeguard and protect the use of water.
  2. Ensure continued 24 hours water supply and potable water.
  3. Courteous, efficient and fast service


Let us know if we have served you by doing any of the following:

  • Accomplish our Feedback Form available in the office and put in the drop box at the Public Assistance and Complaint Desk
  • Send your Feedback through e-mail, landline (075) 632-2262 or text us at 09257892254(Sun)
  • Talk to our officer at the Public Assistance and Complaint Desk


If you are not satisfied with our service, your written/verbal complaints shall immediately be attended to by the officer at the Public Assistance and Complaint Desk

THANK YOU for helping us continuously improve our services